The new Hotworx fitness studio in Ashburn is getting closer to its opening day. This week, signs went up on the exterior of the new facility which has taken over the former Zinga frozen yogurt shop in the Ashburn Farm Market Center.

Hotworx features mini-studios that are heated with infrared heat, like saunas. There are Hot Yoga classes, Hot Pilates, Hot Cycle, Hot Row and more. (See the line-up of classes here.) According to Hotworx, the combination of heat and exercise detoxifies the body while increasing the benefits of the workout. There is usually a maximum of three members in any sauna studio at a time and the classes are instructed virtually.

Images: Hotworx

The studio’s owners, who live here in Ashburn, tell us they are planning an open house for March 6 for people in the community to check out the concept. They hope to open the studio to charter members in late March, and to the general public in April.