A Loudoun County teenager and college freshman at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond was found dead after reportedly attending a fraternity event. That fraternity is now suspended and an investigation is underway.

According to multiple media reports, 19 year-old Adam Oakes went to an event at the Delta Chi fraternity sometime Friday evening or early Saturday. The Richmond Time-Dispatch spoke with Oakes’ cousin, who said the family has been told alcohol was involved and Oakes may have been blindfolded during a hazing activity when he hit his head on a tree. He was found unresponsive several hours later.

Oakes is a recent graduate of Potomac Falls High School in the Sterling area where he was part of the football team. He was reportedly a huge sports fan and social media is filled with people remembering him for his smile and his friendly nature. The Delta Chi national headquarters immediately suspended the VCU chapter, and the university did so as well. A petition is circulating on the VCU campus demanding the permanent expulsion of the fraternity as well as any members involved.

(Image: via GoFundMe)