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New fitness studio using Electro Muscle Stimulation opens in Ashburn

WB20 stands for a “whole body” workout in “20” minutes.

A new training studio held its grand opening in Ashburn on Friday and it’s bringing something called Electro Muscle Stimulation to the community. The studio is named WB20 and it’s located in the University Commerce Center on George Washington Boulevard.

Images: WB20

According to the studio, they use Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology “in their customized 20-minute, mood-boosting, fat-burning, muscle toning programs designed for all fitness levels. Electrodes in the EMS suit mimic impulses that the central nervous system uses to contract muscles.  The workout is efficient and effective, delivering the equivalent of 90 minutes of strength training in the gym.” 

(Left to right) County Chair Phyllis Randall, studio owners Daphne Mustafa and Bernard Mustafa, Buddy Rizer from Loudoun County Economic Development, and Tony Howard from the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce.

Local dignitaries gathered for the ribbon cutting at WB20. People who have tried the EMS suits say the electric stimulation doesn’t hurt, but later, your muscles are sore in the same way they are after a longer, more arduous workout.