The Burn doesn’t normally cover medical practice news, but sometimes something unique comes along that piques our interest. We’re talking about Any Lab Test Now, a new clinic coming to Ashburn, which does exactly what it says — offers health conscious people a plethora of different lab tests on demand. Just like the choices at a fast-food restaurant, walk up to the counter, pick the tests you want and off you go.

Images: Any Lab Test Now

Any Lab Test Now offers things like a testosterone level test, a diabetes panel, a basic food allergy test, a lyme disease test. They also offer STD tests, drug and alcohol tests, paternity tests, DNA tests, even coronavirus antibody tests. You can check out all the tests they offer on their website here. Results are usually back within a few days and customers are encouraged to take any results that are concerning to their own doctor for further discussion.

According to its website, Any Lab Test Now has more than 180 locations around the country. One opened in Sterling on Edds Lane back in early 2020. The new one is coming to the Goose Creek Village Center in Ashburn. That’s the shopping center on both sides of Sycolin Road at the intersection with Belmont Ridge Road. No word yet on when they will open.