The long germinating plans for a One Loudoun-like lifestyle center along Highway 50 in the South Riding area appear to be no more. The developers of the much touted Avonlea project have recently sent entirely new plans to the county for approval and it’s a far cry from what was originally envisioned.

The Washington Business Journal first reported the Avonlea news Wednesday. Gone are the hopes for a movie theater along with a wide array of shops and restaurants. Instead, the plans call for an apartment building, an assisted living facility, some automotive businesses like a car wash and gas station, and two buildings with office space and potentially some retail.

Images: Peterson Cos.

In the map above, you can see how the much smaller Avonlea would be laid out. Landbay 1 is an apartment building. Landbay 2 is the assisted living facility. Landbay 3 is reportedly a car wash, a gas station, and possibly an auto repair center. Finally, Landbay 4 would be two office buildings with an unknown amount of retail space on the ground floor.

The developers, Fairfax-based Peterson Cos., have long struggled to get traction with the Avonlea project, and according to the Business Journal’s reporting, the coronavirus pandemic was the nail in the coffin for the more grandiose, retail focused plans. The company believes the scaled down, reimagined center is much more doable in this new post-COVID business environment.