Brazza Steaks opens Venezuelan restaurant in Sterling

The mom-and-pop restaurant specializes in flame-cooked steak, pork and sausages.

A Venezuelan-style steak restaurant has recently opened in Sterling serving spit grilled steaks plus a variety of sausages and other dishes that will give you some serious meat sweats. It’s called Brazza Steaks on Stakes and it’s located at 46970 Community Plaza, just off Route 7.

The meats are seasoned, grilled over an open fire “churrascaria” style and then served with Latin America sides such as rice, black beans, fried plantains and even hallaquitas, a kind of Venezuelan tamale. You can see more of the Brazza menu here.

Images: Brazza Steaks

Brazza is a mom-and-pop operation. They started out by taking a trailer grill around to various festivals and other special events. Now, they have set up a permanent headquarters with their new brick-and-mortar restaurant location.

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