New Sheetz gas station, convenience store in the works for Sterling

It’s the latest in a rush of new Sheetz locations around eastern Loudoun County.

Work has started on a new Sheetz gas station and convenience store along 606/Old Ox Road in Sterling. It’s coming to the corner of Old Ox and Relocation Drive.

Believe it or not, The Burn first told you about this proposed Sheetz location three years ago — in April 2018. That’s how long some of these types of projects can take to get started. This new location is the latest in a big rush of Sheetz c-stores and gas stations to open in eastern Loudoun County.

  • Sheetz off of SR 28 at Old Ox (opened 2017)
  • Sheetz off Old Ox at Yardley Ridge near Dulles Landing (opened 2018)
  • Sheetz off Nokes Boulevard in Sterling (opened 2019)
  • Sheetz off Battlefield Parkway NE in Leesburg (opened 2021)
  • Sheetz at the Riverside Commons shopping plaza in Ashburn (under construction)
  • Sheetz off Belmont Ridge Road at Portsmouth Boulevard in Ashburn (under consideration)

There have been reports of other possible Sheetz locations as well, although some of those deals ultimately may not have come to fruition. It looks like site work is underway for the new Relocation Drive Sheetz — meaning they are grading the land and getting it ready for the builders to come in and put up the store and gas station. No word yet on when this Sheetz might open.




  1. Jimmy 3 years ago

    Stop with the Sheetz, more Wawa’s

  2. DHS 3 years ago

    Yeah we have enough sheets in the area. More wawa please . Wawa has better food!!!

  3. Rob Thompson 3 years ago

    So its 1 mile down the road from the other location next to Rte 28? Why?

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