The Liberry — not a typo — opens for business in Leesburg

The store sells wine, beer, coffee, teas and other products from around the world.

A new retail beverage shop offering three staples of life — wine, beer and coffee — has opened in a small commercial center off Harrison Street SE near Catoctin Circle. It’s called The Liberry and yes, there is a story behind the name.

Owner Robert Dalkin says a library is an organized collection of objects, just like his beverage shop. But as a kid, the word “library” tripped him up. “As a child, I did not always pronounce the word library correctly and was often corrected by one of my best friends,” Dalkin says on the shop’s website. “Now, after having spent more than 20 years in hospitality, distribution and other facets of the wine industry, I would like to do it and pronounce it my own way.”

The Liberry is located at 458 Madison Trade Plaza, right across the street from the Town Branch creek and Raflo Park. The shop’s collection features both domestic and international products, and includes teas and other items. They also have a membership program which gets regular customers a discount. Can you guess how you prove you’re a member? Yep — you get a Liberry card.

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