Picture of the Week: Cicadas having afternoon tea

The whimsical photo has captured people’s imaginations online.

If we had just spent 17 years underground, we might want to party with something a little more potent than tea, but to each their own. Thus we bring you cicadas having tea.

It’s been a while since we shared one of our sporadic “Pictures of the Week” but when we saw this one on social media, we had a good laugh and thought you might too. Full disclosure, this photo isn’t from Loudoun County. It’s from Mell Picco, a graphic designer in the Baltimore area. But we felt the theme of cicadas was universal right now.

Picco says she noticed lots of cicadas on a fence out back and the rest was easy. “There are so many of them and they’ve been using the fence top as a highway. I set the tea out and and didn’t have to wait long for at least two to wander over,” she said. You can see Picco’s website here and her Facebook page here.