Work begins on Loudoun’s new marijuana dispensary

The store is part of a chain of dispensaries called Beyond/Hello.

Construction work has started on the space that will become Loudoun County’s first retail cannabis dispensary. It’s called Beyond/Hello and it’s part of a chain of dispensaries opening across the country.

Back in December, The Burn was the first media outlet to report the news about the new dispensary. It’s coming to Nokes Plaza, a small retail center off Nokes Boulevard in Sterling. Currently, Nokes Plaza is home to a Sheetz gas station, Burger 21, La Prensa Tacos and Tapas, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Cafesano, Magnolia’s Natural Nail Care Clinic and a Bassett furniture store.

The Beyond/Hello store in Bloomington, Illinois. (Image: Beyond/Hello)

Set back from the street are two additional brand new retail buildings that have been vacant for several years now. Beyond/Hello is going into one of these spots, taking roughly half the building we are told.

Currently, Beyond/Hello operates 19 cannabis dispensaries in four states. The brand’s first Virginia location opened in Manassas last year. It was the first medical marijuana dispensary in Northern Virginia. Beyond/Hello reportedly has a permit to open six dispensaries in NoVa, but at this time, Sterling is the only Loudoun location they are planning.

Virginia law currently only allows medical marijuana sales. Customers wanting to purchase medical cannabis need to register with the Board of Pharmacy before entering Beyond/Hello or other cannabis dispensaries. However, if the law changes to allow recreational marijuana sales in the state, that requirement could change or go away in the future.

No official timeline has been released for the construction process. Since the building hasn’t been occupied previously, there is additional work to do to get it ready. The last word we have from the Beyond/Hello corporate team is that they hope to open the Sterling dispensary by the end of 2021.

  1. Trayvontius 3 years ago

    Legalizing weed will cause so many problems in this country. George Soros has been funding marijuana legalization efforts. There are studies that link heavy marijuana usage to psychosis and violence. Many of the mass shooters are heavy weed smokers.

    • Zenaida 3 years ago

      Obviously you’re not a weed smoker. Did you know a lot of murders serial killers have a very high IQ. Does that mean we should excuse them because they’re smart. That’s how ridiculous you saying that a lot of mass shooters are weed smokers. I live in California in the marijuana industry has taken many of states out of debt. It’s funded more schooling ,new construction homeless children ,Veterans and families. Let’s not forget to mention the thousands of employed people that are Working in the industry. Hopefully Virginia will legalize Recreationally soon. Who knows maybe it’ll help some Virginians calm the drug addiction you’ve got going on there people dropping like flies sad. Bottom line do research

    • LightupMylife 3 years ago

      That is such a load of BS. You obviously have not been around many marijuana smokers. There has never been a more peaceful, chill, laidback group of people. And just because some people that commit crimes may have been reported marijuana smokers, that doesn’t mean that is what made them commit the crimes. I will bet there were underlying factors.. or other substances involved.. You sound like the people that wrote “Reefer Madness”..

  2. k 3 years ago

    VA law changes July 1st

  3. YouKnow 3 years ago

    Retail sales of marijuana is not legal in VA until 2024. The July 2021 will decriminalize marijuana use up to an ounce and allow for plants to be grown at home. Unfortunately, we still have 3 years until we can walk into a store and buy some edibles without a medical marijuana licenses.

    Also, we should definitely blame the legalization of marijuana for mass shootings. I mean there’s nothing else to blame for the ability to pump hundred of rounds into innocent people other than pot. We all know that mass shootings have existed since our species discovered the herb. So, glad science has finally put these two things together. I also read that most shootings happen during the day, and the increase of vitamin D causes a portal to open in our brain so demons can get in.

  4. True-Chicken 3 years ago

    They should know to stay inside where it’s cool — but it’s humorous that it’s happening to Chick-filled-hate, kinda like the devil’s saying come on down!

  5. True-Chicken 3 years ago

    They should know to stay inside where it’s cool — but it’s humorous that it’s happening to Chick-filled-hate, kinda like the devil’s saying come on down!

  6. True-Chicken 3 years ago

    They should know to stay inside where it’s cool — but it’s humorous that it’s happening to Chick-filled-hate, kinda like the devil’s saying come on down!

  7. Karl Tombstone 2 years ago

    Stay strong all you legends. It sucks so many good people had there life’s shat on for selling weed. I did not realise how hard the government are making it to sell legally for anyone but themselves

  8. Karl Tombstone 2 years ago

    I’m from Texas and have been here numerous times. You walk in and it blows your mind at how friendly the people are how knowledgeable they are about everything and how much a variety there is. It’s not a bunch of Stoners walking around a weed shop. It’s a very professional facility that is extremely comfortable to enter and is my favorite in Colorado! The guys in the video where awesome when I was there!

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