Cocina on Market in Leesburg announces temporary closure

The difficulty local businesses have been having finding new employees seems to have hit one popular Loudoun County restaurant especially hard. Cocina on Market, a Mexican restaurant in downtown Leesburg, has announced that it will temporarily close its doors until it is able to hire the needed qualified staff.

“Beginning Tuesday, June 29th we will be temporarily closed,” a statement on the restaurant’s website read. “Cocina on Market will be doing extensive staff training during this time. We pride restaurants on providing quality food and service and will be utilizing this temporary closure to ensure all staff are able to provide this standard to our patrons.”

Cocina on Market originally opened at 7 West Market Street four years ago — in the summer of 2017. It quickly made a name for itself thanks to its selection of tequilas and its gourmet tacos featuring authentic Mexican ingredients.

It made headlines recently for creating tacos that included cicadas sautéed with onions and garlic. The unique dish commemorated this summer’s cicada invasion.

Since the pandemic started to die down earlier this year and more restaurants and other businesses have started ramping back up to full force, many local managers and owners have reported difficulty finding enough employees. We’ve reached out to Cocina on Market for more information about their hiring efforts and when they hope to reopen. Stay tuned.

(Image at top: Cocina on Market)

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