Heat causing problems for Chick-fil-A drive-thru computers in Ashburn

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The staff at a local Chick-fil-A came up with a cool way to deal with problems caused by the high temperatures we’re experiencing today. It took iPads and ice packs to keep things flowing smoothly in the drive-thru lane.

The scene unfolded at the CFA location in Ashburn, at the Shoppes at Ryan Park shopping center (and possibly other locations as well). It seems the temperatures today — around 93º at the lunch hour — were causing the iPads used for taking orders in the drive-thru lanes to overheat and fritz out.

So the restaurant’s team members were all walking around carrying large ice packs draped over their arms and resting the iPads on top of the them. This helped keep the devices cool and working.

Technically, an iPad is supposed to function properly up to an ambient temperatures of 95º but with the heat index — which was over 100º at the time — it was apparently too much without the extra cooling measures.

It was an unusual dichotomy for the staff  — they were melting in the heat even while some said their arms were frigid from carrying the ice packs. They also also had cups of ice water, the shade of the drive-thru roof and ceiling mounted fans to help keep them cool.

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  1. True-Chicken 3 years ago

    They should know to stay inside where it’s cool — but it’s humorous that it’s happening to Chick-filled-hate, kinda like the devil’s saying come on down!

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