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Burning Question: When is Bojangles opening its dining room?

It’s been one of the mini mysteries of the local dining scene and caused occasional confusion — when was the new Bojangles restaurant in Sterling going to open its dining room? Here’s one email we received the other day from reader C.G. “Any word on why Bojangles is closed? I didn’t see any note on the door.”

Fear not, C.G. Bojangles was not closed. The drive-thru lane has been open since the restaurant’s grand opening in March. But the restaurants interior has been closed for months now. No ordering at the counter. No sitting down in the dining room.

The apparent reason for this was the crowds. The new Bojangles — in the Potomac Run Plaza — is the first time the brand has opened in Loudoun County and its the first one in the Northern Virginia suburbs in years. Interest was high and, in the early days, lines of cars snaked through the tiny parking lot and into the parking lots of neighboring businesses.

Cars trying to park and diners walking in and out of the restaurant would have complicated the congestion, so Bojangles closed the restaurant’s interior and went all drive-thru. Until today.

The Burn had learned over the weekend that the management team was meeting this week to discuss opening the dining room. Now, according to Jay, the restaurant’s social media loving manager, today is the day. (See his announcement here.) The fact that today is also National Fried Chicken Day makes it a fitting date for Bojangles to take this leap.