UniTea Cafe open for business in downtown Leesburg

The new UniTea Cafe tea shop offering a mix of old world hot teas and modern tea-based drinks has opened in downtown Leesburg. The shop also offers a menu of sandwiches and snacks from around the world.

It was just last month that The Burn told readers how UniTea Cafe — owned and operated by an area family — was preparing to open in a spot at 11 West Market near the Tally Ho Theater. Now that they’ve opened their doors, we’ve got a look at the UniTea menu — which brings together old and new beverages and various cultures and flavors — thus the play on the word “unity.”

Like a wine shop touting the bouquet of a particular vintage, UniTea Cafe waxes poetic about its hot green, white, black and other Old World teas. “Round and savory, buttery, with fresh vegetal aroma” is how the cafe’s menu describes its White Peony Bai Mudan tea from China.

There are also New World beverages, including teas and shakes. One drink is called the Kimi Dat and features watermelon, dragonfruit and chili salt.

Finally, the food menu spans the globe — from steamed pork and shrimp dumplings to avocado toast, a grilled cheese, a Cuban sandwich and more. You can see more of the menu below.

Images: UniTea Cafe
  1. Mike 2 years ago

    My wife and I went in today. The sandwiches and teas were crazy delicious. Instant fans!

  2. Internet Karen 2 years ago

    Unless it is intentional, the correct word is “peek” not “peak”.

    • Chris Wadsworth 2 years ago

      Lol. I thought you were referring to something in our story, so I’ve been scouring it for the word “peak.” Now, I see it’s in the photo.

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