b One Loudoun closing its doors permanently tonight

The worst kept secret in Loudoun County is unfortunately true. b One Loudoun, the burgers, beer and bourbon restaurant at One Loudoun will close its doors permanently this evening — Thursday, August 5. A staff member confirmed this is their last evening open.

The Burn first heard that the restaurant would likely be closing in August several months ago. But neither the company’s corporate headquarters, nor restaurant managers, nor One Loudoun officials would comment publicly.

The restaurant is part of a small chain based in Hartford, Connecticut. Originally, it was going to open in Loudoun with the name Plan B Burgers. The fact that Plan B is the commercial name of a well-known emergency contraceptive as well as a slang for your second choice seems to have initially escaped the executives who came up with the name. Ultimately, they changed the name to b. Just b.

Unfortunately, many people struggled with that name when it opened a little over five years ago. Lots of folks just called it Burgers, Beer and Bourbon like it said on the sign over the door.

According to the company’s website, there are (or were) 10 b restaurants, including one in DC in Penn Quarter and the rest in New England. The website lists some locations as open, and others as temporarily closed — apparently fall out from the ongoing pandemic.

No word at this early point what future tenant might take over that space. It was just last month that the Copperwood Tavern restaurant closed at the center. But recently the uber-hot Lost Fox Hideaway opened at One Loudoun as did the over-the-top milkshake bar The Yard.

  1. James Underwood 1 year ago


  2. Charles Timpko 1 year ago

    I never realized this was a restaurant. Just assumed it was more of a bar with some basic bar food. And did think that BBB was the name !

  3. Paul Serrano 1 year ago

    That is sad. Reasonably priced, good bar, gluten-free options for my girlfriend. I like the place in Penn Quarter as well.

  4. Scott Ashman 1 year ago

    Don’t see how you could run a restaurant the way they did and stay open in this area. Regretfully for One Loudoun I don’t think this is the last closure we’ll see this year as there are several others that look really vulnerable.

  5. Sean Stone 1 year ago

    Is the restaurant turnover at One Loudoun normal for one of these sort of pseudo-downtown condo/retail/outdoor mall food court developments? Even pre-COVID it seems like several lots have had trouble keeping any kind of restaurant there for more than a couple years.

    If you had told me that a high end burger place can’t survive at One Loudoun, but a place selling $16 milkshakes could thrive, I’d have called you nuts.

  6. Steve 1 year ago

    That’s a shame they had pretty good burgers. At one point we were told one Loudoun was going to be high end retail, restaurants, and anchored by a Ritz Carlton hotel. A baseball stadium scandal and revolving door of retail and restaurants is what we ended up with.

  7. BP 1 year ago

    For any of those workers at Burgers Beer Bourboun, Ashburn Village Inn Tap & Grill is hiring servers, bar backs, line cooks and bartenders! Located just down the road in Ashburn Village Commons! Great food and growing business p!

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