Lettuce Be Loco salad and soup restaurant headed to Leesburg

lettuce be loco
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A new restaurant specializing in fresh salads, along with warm bowls and soups, is headed to downtown Leesburg. It’s called Lettuce Be Loco and they are hoping to open this coming fall.

The restaurant is opening at 208 Church Street SE. That’s one block over from — and more or less behind — the well-known Market Station center with businesses such as Fireworks, Tuskies and South Street Under.

The focus on the menu at Lettuce Be Loco is on salads. Some examples include a Street Corn Salad with romaine lettuce, fire-roasted corn, jalapeños, lime sour cream, cotija cheese, and avocado dressing; and the Austin, a Southwestern style salad with brisket on top.

Here’s how Lettuce Be Loco describes their mission: “We are thrilled to serve Loudoun County with fresh, locally sourced, craveable, sustainable and healthy salads. We are passionate about food that fills the body, mind, and soul.”

The restaurant’s plans include working partnerships with local farms where they will source fresh produce and other ingredients. One partnership already announced is with Lydia’s Field, a vegetable farm in Purcellville.

Salad-centric restaurants have been popular on the restaurant scene in recent years. Two prominent examples in the DC market include Sweetgreen and Chopt. Many area diners have been hoping one of these brands would open in Loudoun. No word on that yet, but Lettuce Be Loco sounds like it may fit the bill.

The Lettuce Be Loco management team is currently hiring staff for the new restaurant. They are hoping to open sometime in October.

  1. Chris D 3 years ago

    It’s about time Leesburg got a soup and salad restaurant. Looking forward to the grand opening!

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