New Dunkin’ Donuts in Leesburg is open for business

The newest Dunkin’ Donuts location opened for business this week. It is the second location in town for the national donut and coffee fast food chain after the longtime store on Market Street.

The new Dunkin’ is part of the Oaklawn development going up around Battlefield Parkway SW and Miller Drive SE. The Burn was the first to report the news that Dunkin’ was coming more than two years ago. The donut restaurant sits next to an under-construction Chick-fil-A restaurant.

There are also two additional retail spaces immediately adjacent to the Dunkin’ but there have been no announcements about possible tenants for those spots.

The other big tenant coming to Oaklawn is Loudoun County’s first Sonic Drive-Thru restaurant. (See our Sonic coverage here.) It will be built across the street from Dunkin’ and is expected to open in 2022. Coincidentally, the new Sonic is being developed by members of the same family that owns the original Dunkin’ on Market Street.

And yes, technically, the name of the brand has been changed to just Dunkin’, but many people still know it as Dunkin’ Donuts and the brand’s website is still because someone else owns the Dunkin URL.

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