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Burning Question: What is that big building going up in Brambleton?

Question; Do you all have any ideas what (the large building) will be off Loudoun County Parkway (at Evergreen Mills Road)? — Dan M.

You’re not the only one wondering, Dan. We’ve gotten this question a couple of times recently. The construction you’re referring to is actually the new Bram Quarter project.

We’re always shocked when we realize not everyone reads The Burn daily and commits every story to memory.We first reported the news about Bram Quarter a year ago — in July 2020. You can read our report here. Bram Quarter is a new commercial development going up that will feature retail spaces on the main floor with offices above.

It’s actually two connected buildings that are currently under construction. They will have roughly 26,000 s.f. of space and include a breezeway as well as open space and patios around them. Ideal tenants for the ground level retail reportedly include restaurants, coffee shops and fitness centers. However, no tenants have been announced yet.

Construction on the first two buildings is projected to finish in December if the timelines hold. Plans calls for seven additional buildings to be part of Bram Quarter in the future, offering more retail and office space.

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  1. Matt 11 months ago

    Brambleton is in desperate need of a coffee shop. The only one in the community is Peet’s & the five small tables inside are about two feet a part from each other and always full.

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