Sign is up — way up — at Himalayan Wild Yak in Brambleton

himalayan wild yak
himalayan wild yak

Warm Chocolate Melting Cake

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The new sign has been mounted over the door to the forthcoming Himalayan Wild Yak restaurant in Brambleton. But no one could blame you if you didn’t spot it at first because it’s way up high.

The sign over the future Nepalese restaurant has been hung on the facade of the building at the Brambleton Town Center roughly four stories up in the air. That’s about the same height as the neighboring Blue Ridge Grill sign.

Regular readers of The Burn know that Himalayan Wild Yak is bringing Nepalese cuisine to Ashburn, including momo, which are steamed dumplings filled with ingredients that could include chicken, goat, boar or yak. The restaurant’s owners are also planning on serving various curries and tandoori dishes as well as the famous Warm Chocolate Melting Cake made famous on Carnival cruise line cruises. (See our complete coverage of the Yak here, including a preview of the menu.)

Himalayan Wild Yak has taken over the space that used to be the Lost Rhino Retreat at the BTC, next door to the Regal Fox movie theater. We’re told the Yak is only occupying the first floor and that the upper floors are being converted to office space and other uses.

Construction at the new restaurant continues apace, and while there is no definite opening date yet, the owners tell The Burn they are targeting sometime in November if all goes well. Warm Chocolate Melting Cake — just in time for the holidays.

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