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Burning Question: What is all the activity behind the Broadlands fountain?

Question: What’s going up on the land behind the “Broadlands” fountain at the corner of Mooreview Parkway and Moorefield Boulevard? — A.G.B.

There’s a lot happening in this area. The projects underway are going to bring huge change to this relatively quiet corner of Ashburn. Among the things coming — apartments, retail stores, a university campus, and up the road, a public school along with townhomes and condos.

Take a look at the image with this article and you can get a better understanding. The construction going on along Mooreview Parkway between Demott Drive and Moorefield Boulevard includes the installation of traffic lights at both intersection as well underground utility work.

The first building to go up on the southeast corner of Mooreview and Moorefield should be a 93-unit building offering affordable housing apartments. These are apartments with caps on the rental rates to allow people who work in Loudoun to also have the opportunity to live here, instead of having to live in a less expensive community elsewhere. Construction on the building should begin this fall with it going vertical in early 2022.

The second building there offer what’s known as market rate apartments and calls for 168 units. There will also be some retail spaces on the first floor of this building. You will notice there is also land earmarked for future George Mason University buildings next to these planned apartment buildings. 

Across the street, on the north side of Moorefield, the property has been approved for 321 units. This is in the future a ways and could be some combination of condominiums, apartments or even a hotel. The would also be retail space on the ground level of these buildings as well.

Meanwhile, as you can see on the diagram, if you go up Demott Drive past the big nature preserve, a future public school is planned for part of that land, followed by the large Demott & Silver project that is already underway. Demott & Silver will offer condos and townhomes.

Much of this development is related to the anticipated opening of the Silver Line and the arrival of the Metro in 2022. The Ashburn Station Metro stop can be seen on the righthand side of the diagram. 

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  1. Bill 3 years ago

    Bigger question: why is one of the new signals at Demott and Moorefield pointing the wrong way?

    • Chris Wadsworth 3 years ago

      Because there is going to be an entrance into the apartment complex there.

  2. JDC 3 years ago

    What is bizarre to me is that they’ve determined there is a need for lights at all of these intersections – and there will be – but it does not look like any light is coming to the intersection of Mooreview and Wynridge/Claude Moore Ave. That’s a very large intersection meant to handle future volumes of traffic yet (as far as I can tell) there is no sign of a signal coming.

    • mike 3 years ago

      there HAS to be a light for that intersection. that four way stopsign will only impede traffic more and will not allow the flow of cars to continue through those three lights on the way to the toll road.

  3. Scott 3 years ago

    Will the fountain remain or be relocated?

  4. Sona 2 years ago

    Okay it’s driving us crazy what is coming across from the Harris Teeter in the Broadlands shopping center? Is this the condos discussed above? Thanks!

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