Skechers store scheduled to open in Sterling next month

The sign has gone up at the new Skechers store coming to Sterling and — if it stays on schedule — it should open in September.

The national shoe store chain is coming to the Dulles Eastern Plaza. That’s the shopping center near the intersection of Atlantic Boulevard and Nokes Boulevard that is also home to a Chili’s restaurant, a Best Buy, a World Market and other stores.

The new store is called a Skechers Warehouse Outlet. That name differs slightly from the Skechers Factory Outlet in Leesburg and a standard Skechers retail shoe store in McLean.

Skechers focuses primarily on athletic shoes and casual shoes for men, women and children, although they also carry some clothing and accessories as well.


  1. Anthony 3 years ago

    If there’s one store I thought that we needed in Loudoun, it was a Sketchers store.

  2. Debbie 2 years ago

    what is the difference between the factory outlet and the wearhouse?

  3. Ed 2 years ago

    Location is now open. Shopped on 4 OCT, and sales clerk sad they’d been open about a week!

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