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Burning Question: What’s going up across the street from the Kincora fire station?

Question: What is going up across the street from the firehouse and the new Wawa on Russell Branch Parkway in the Kincora development? Thanks, Kyle.

Thanks for asking, Kyle. There’s a lot going on at Kincora and it’s sometimes hard to keep track of everything. The particular spot you’re talking about is going to be the future site of a church and school.

Temple Baptist Church and its affiliated Temple Baptist School are moving from their current location in Herndon to the new site at the Kincora property. If all goes as planned, they hope to open for the 2022 school year in the new location.

As you mentioned, a Wawa gas station and convenience store are going up across the street, near the existing fire station. Up Russell Branch Parkway, there are townhomes and apartments have been built, with more in the offing.

As The Burn has reported, the two big draws that should eventually come to Kincora include the Northern Virginia Science Center and the National Museum of Intelligence and Special Operations. Plans also call for additional residential units, a hotel and restaurants and retail.

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(Image at top: Temple Baptist Church)

  1. Chris 2 years ago

    I always appreciate these updates, but it would be really helpful if you could include an address or cross street in future reports for those not familiar with the area. Thanks

    • Chris Wadsworth 2 years ago

      Hi Chris. We do try to include cross streets, especially with smaller or new projects. Sorry we didn’t include that here, but I would also suggest you look at the hyperlinks in the story. We often link to a map, as we did in this story from the word Kincora. Thanks for the good reminder.

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