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Gold’s Gym Ashburn announces sudden closure, pending move

On Friday, Gold’s Gym in Ashburn announced that it would be closing its doors next week and preparing to move to another location in the community. That new location has not been officially released yet.

“Effective Thursday, September 9th, 2021, at 9 p.m., Gold’s Gym Ashburn will be closing its doors at its current location,” the statement read. “Your Gold’s Gym membership will be transferred to Gold’s Gym Sterling.” It went on to say they are working on locking down a new location nearby. “We are getting close to finalizing a lease for a new location in Ashburn and hope to start construction shortly thereafter.” The full statement is reproduced below.

The Burn spoke to an employee at Gold’s Ashburn who said they are targeting a January 2022 opening in the new spot, if all goes smoothly.

Regular readers of The Burn may remember that last December, we reported that Gold’s was exploring the long vacant former Bloom supermarket space in the Village Center Belmont Greene shopping plaza. That was based on documents filed with the county. However, we have now confirmed that Gold’s is no longer pursuing the Bloom space.

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  1. Sorry to see Gold’s is closing. All is not lost, just around the corner, literally a 1 minute walk is a home for all the orphaned gym-goers. Don’t want to go to Sterling? Come to Exsurgo Strong and Fit. Happy to welcome you home to your new gym.

  2. Robert 11 months ago

    These Gold Gyms seem to move every 5 years. Too many gym choices in area, at some point, some/most will close.

    • Jon B 11 months ago

      I started going to this gym in 2010 when it opened at the Red Rum location after moving from Herndon when I started my Golds membership in 2007 at the clocktower. I’m going to miss this location as it was only 2.5 miles from my home and it’s the only “cheap” gym that has a designated kiddie pool…and i’m not willing to pay 3x/more a month to go to Lifetime which is further away even though it basically has an indoor waterpark.

      That said, it was pretty suspect for Golds to shutdown with only 6 days notice. Sure they are offering recourse by suggesting sterling or even clocktower herndon (all three owned by same franchise) plus all the corporate-owned golds in the outlying locality….but they will definitely see significant amount of cancellations as there is no definite date for reopening a new ashburn golds and ppl will start to hate to drive further to go to another golds.

  3. Burnout 11 months ago

    Are Gold’s the ones moving gym equipment into the new building across from One Loudoun? The equipment can clearly be seen through windows while driving by on Loudoun County Parkway.

    • Chris Wadsworth 11 months ago

      The new building across from One Loudoun is a high-tech car wash. You may be seeing that equipment.

  4. Myra 10 months ago

    Has anyone had luck cancelling their Golds membership? Especially after closing down Ashburn location?

  5. Sheila Laszlo 10 months ago

    I just learned that it closed. I have been away and come home to this?!? According to my bank account, they charged me for September and October. Not sure where in the member contract that says they can do that. I’m having the charges removed by my bank…it’s unfair for them to give my personal banking information to another “company”.

  6. Matt Webb 8 months ago

    Has there been any word on where/when the new Ashburn Gold’s Gym is going to open, or is it vaporware at this point?

    • Chris Wadsworth 8 months ago

      We’ve heard rumors, but nothing official yet.

      • John Titor 8 months ago

        What are the rumors?

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