New restaurant coming to former O’Faolain’s spot in Sterling

lima de veras
lima de veras
lima de veras
lima de veras lima de veras lima de veras

A new Peruvian restaurant is coming to Sterling, taking over the spot vacated last year by O’Faolain’s Irish Pub & Restaurant. The new restaurant is called Lima de Veras Restobar.

The space is located in the Regal Center off Route 7, just west of Palisade Parkway. A longtime staple of the center, O’Faolain’s closed during the early days of the pandemic and never reopened. Recently, the O’Faolain’s awnings came down, work started on the space and a window sign appeared announcing the arrival of the new Peruvian restaurant.

Lima de Veras is named after a famous Peruvian song by iconic singer Chabuca Granda. “Her song is a celebration of Lima, Peru’s small details. Our culture, soul, and foundation…” the restaurant’s Facebook page reads in part. “We are proud of our heritage, and one of our most prized assets is our cuisine.  Lima de Veras is preparing to show the public everything Peru has to offer.”

While the menu for Lima de Veras hasn’t been revealed yet, the owners have shared some of the dishes they intend to serve, including Lomo Saltado, which are strips of steak served with onions, tomatoes, French fries and rice.

Other Peruvian classics on the list include the famous Pisco Sour cocktail and the Suspiro a la Limeña — which translates as “the sigh of a lady from Lima.” It’s an uber-sweet dessert reminiscent of dulce de leche.

The folks at Lima de Veras tell The Burn they are aiming for a November opening, if everything goes smoothly. Fingers crossed for them.

(Images: Lima de Veras Restobar)


  1. TJ 3 weeks ago

    If they have live music like O’Faolains, let’s hope they don’t make it as obnoxiously loud on weeknights as O’Faulains did. There’s nothing like laying in bed listening to O’Faolains crud bands at 1am from a mile away, as the band tries to substitute volume for talent. I think I speak for everybody who lives along Triple-Seven, but especially for those poor souls who are going to be living in the new condos where Regal used to be.

  2. Jay 3 weeks ago

    We lose a fine establishment like O’s…and gain Peruvian rice…oyyy

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