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Burning Question: What’s going on with The Pit Stop in Sterling?

Question: Is The Pit Stop barbecue (restaurant) in Cascades permanently closed? — Matt B.

We understand why you would think so, Matt, because the restaurant is currently locked up and dark. But the good news is — they are planning on reopening in October after a small “reset.”

The Pit Stop is located in the Cascades Marketplace shopping center near the Home Depot off Cascades Parkway in Sterling. We reached out to the restaurant’s owners for the straight scoop. Here’s what they told The Burn.

“We are making some changes to our menu and sprucing up the restaurant. We also had to fix some plumbing issues. We plan to reopen on October 6. We will be posting a video on Monday as well a banner on the restaurant next week.”

So there you have it. Yes, they are closed temporarily for some menu tweaks and some needed work around the restaurant. They also are hoping to hire some more staff — a very challenging undertaking in the current labor climate.

Meanwhile, the original mobile Pit Stop location continues to serve up barbecue on weekends from its spot at Gilbert’s Corner in Aldie.

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  1. That’s good to hear. I happened to go for the first time on the Saturday before labor day, and I saw a sign on the register that read to me like they were closing permanently. I really liked what they had, especially the baked beans.

  2. Lu 3 years ago

    Awesome! Can’t wait to try the new menu!

  3. Matthew Tichacek 3 years ago

    Please add pork belly to the menu. I have to go all the way to Hill Country BBQ in DC to get some good pork belly.

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