Picture of the Week: A last look at the Regal Countryside art deco tower

Sometimes our Picture of the Week is something exciting or uplifting. And sometimes it’s something poignant, marking the passage of time and the inevitable change that always comes. Today, it’s the latter.

A loyal reader sent us this photo as demolition of the Regal Countryside movie theater reached its zenith — the iconic art deco style tower that loomed over the entranceway and acted as a beacon to movie-goers for decades.

As The Burn has reported previously, the theater — which debuted in 1996 — ultimately closed during the early days of the pandemic and never re-opened. It’s reportedly being turned into a townhome community.

Soon, the spot where so many excited kids, teenage friends, local families and couples on a first date made fond memories will be no more.

  1. Mike hook 3 years ago

    The end of an era.

  2. Martha Polkey 3 years ago

    “Reportedly” being turn into townhomes? Aren’t you a reporter?

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