First drone food delivery in Northern Virginia happening in Loudoun County

A Leesburg-based company focused on commercial drone operation and training is teaming up with a popular Loudoun County restaurant to perform what they say is the first ever food delivery by drone in Northern Virginia.

The big event is scheduled to take place tomorrow morning — Wednesday, October 6. According to a spokesperson for Xelevate, they have teamed up with Roots 657 Cafe to conduct deliveries of food from the restaurant to several local customers.

The restaurant, which is located off Highway 15 north of Leesburg, is known for its menu of soups, sandwiches, burgers and more. Roots 657 also has an onsite market. The customers receiving drone deliveries Wednesday will be in the area of the restaurant.

There have been successful drone food delivery experiments in other parts of the country. Xelevate hopes to make the technology a standard part of delivery in the greater DC area, once future rules and regulations for commercial drone operation are in place.

Xelevate is a new company in Loudoun County. They are opening their headquarters and labs, as well as a  conference and training facility, in Leesburg later this month. The Roots 657 delivery is part of the grand opening hoopla.

The delivery will likely be handled by a Vayu brand drone, pictured above. Vayu is an aerospace company and designer of commercial drones.



  1. Al 3 years ago

    I hope this does not take off (pun intended). If it does, welcome to uncontrolled noise and visual pollution.

  2. jsm11482 3 years ago

    Cool, interested to see how it goes.

  3. lostintime1876 3 years ago

    Not to mention putting people out of work. Being a delivery driver is a good job for a lot of people, students or unskilled workers, or even those who need a flexible schedule in order to work.

    • michael 3 years ago

      you do realise that a drone requires a pilot? you know. a human?

      • VJ 3 years ago

        Not necessarily… in the long run they will be autonomous. Queue Skynet.

  4. Fred 3 years ago

    Said the same thing about computers-time marches on -sorry

  5. Amy 3 years ago

    ALPP is the drone company stock. Just bought shares as its about to be uplisted to NASDAQ

  6. 우우승기 3 years ago

    excellent trustworthy for vayu ^^

  7. William 3 years ago

    “putting people out of work”. Never understood it tbh. If you can afford to not pay an extra person a wage, then every company will do that, it’s business 101.
    The money saved long term will open up more revenues for growth elsewhere. Meaning more restaurants, more chefs, more cleaners, more baggers etc.

    It’s just a cycle and it’s efficient so, stop using out dated statements.

  8. KitsVA 3 years ago

    Amazon, food deliveries and, next FedEx, ups, etc all taking up sky? Poor birds… Wait.. why can’t USPS also do it? Thank God my neighborhood is close to dulles airport is no fly zone for drones.

  9. Leonard 3 years ago

    buy stock in Alpine 4 technology- they own Vayu

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