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Burning Question: What’s being built at Waxpool and Ashburn Village Boulevard?

Question: Do you know what is being built at the corner of Waxpool Road and Ashburn Village Blvd?  This would be opposite of where the Golds Gym was. Thanks! — Bill D.

Thanks for asking, Bill. It’s not a data center, and it’s not a new shopping center either. If you guessed it might be residential, you’re correct.

The project is called Ashburn Station, because it’s reasonably close (maybe five or six blocks) away from the new Ashburn Station metro stop on the Silver Line that will supposedly coming online in 2022.

Ashburn Station will reportedly have 224 units — in a variety of configurations —  and include a handful of ADUs, or affordable dwelling units, earmarked for people in certain income brackets.

The project is described as a dense, pedestrian-friendly community with amenities including lots of landscaping and a small park onsite.

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(Image: Peterson Cos.)

  1. Robert 3 years ago

    Just what we need, more cramped housing. How will this change school boundaries in that area? Only 1 mile from Metro, which won’t be used much since many able to work from home.

  2. Liz Tobin 2 years ago

    What a shame they couldn’t think of a more original name…. There has been an Ashburn Station in Ashburn for years!

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