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Burning Question: What store is taking over the old Pier One in Leesburg?

Burning Question: Do you have any information about what furniture store will be opening where the former Pier 1 was in Leesburg? — Mayra A.

Hi Mayra. The short answer is: a little. We have a little information. You are correct that a furniture store has taken over the former Pier 1 building in the Leesburg Plaza on Market Street.

The lights are on, the store looks stocked, there are celebratory balloons floating about and an “OPEN” sign was illuminated in the window. Nevertheless, the doors were locked when we passed by and we didn’t see any employees inside.

The store appears to be selling sectionals and sofas, recliners, bunk beds, mattresses and area rugs. There were also some dressers and mirrors, as well as coffee tables.

What we didn’t see was a name. A banner hanging at the back of the showroom just says “Furniture & Mattresses.” A sign hanging in the window flashed the words such as “mueblería” and “colchones,” which is Spanish for “furniture store” and “mattresses.”

The Pier 1 in Leesburg closed in the middle of 2020 as the entire chain shutdown nationwide. We sent an email to a representative for Regal Plaza for more information about the new tenant, but never received a response.

But you are correct, Mayra. A furniture store has indeed taken over the old Pier 1 and it looks like it will be opening soon – if it’s not already open.

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