Burgers, Fries & Chicken coming to Purcellville

A former fast-food restaurant in Purcellville is being transformed into a new quick-service restaurant called BFC, or “Burgers, Fries & Chicken.” It’s taking over the vacant KFC/Taco Bell building on Hirst Road.

The menu at BFC is kind of self-explanatory. They will have burgers, french fries and chicken — including chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders and bone-in chicken. The restaurant will also specialize in milkshakes.

“It’s fast food, but it’s a step up from the typical fast food restaurant,” said Nadeem Chaudry, one of the owners of BFC.

The BFC brand is not a franchise. Instead, they are starting up their own concept. One of the owners has extensive quick service restaurant experience, including managing a Wendy’s location.

The group had originally leased the building on Hirst Road at Hatcher Avenue with the hopes of opening a Wendy’s, but that deal didn’t work out and they decided to create BFC instead.

We’re told much of the remodeling work has already happened. Now, they are waiting on additional equipment and furniture to be shipped, and they have to hire a team of employees.

Anyone following business news at the moment knows supply chains have slowed down and many equipment orders are delayed. And start-ups to well-established restaurants are having trouble finding enough employees.

That being said, Chaudry says their aspirational target opening is mid-November. Worst case, he says they plan to open by the end of November.

(Image at top: Renauld Consulting)

  1. Wyldkat 2 years ago

    Stopped in there last night while in the area.

    The dining area was clear of debris, the staff friendly – apologizing for not having things, and the food was good. Having only been open for a few weeks, we were very impressed. We intend to stop in again the next time we’re in the area.

  2. Christie and Mike from Berryville 1 year ago

    Great food, reasonable prices, and excellent service. The best fried chicken I have had this year.
    The milkshakes are delicious! Highly recommend.
    We will definitely be back.

  3. George 1 year ago

    3 Nov 2022
    Dropped in just before closing and was greeted with warmth and cheer. My first time at BFC, ordered # 3 Burger and was treated to fried chicken; wing and breast. Before leaving to enjoy the meal at home, I sampled the fries and chicken. MMMMMm good. Enjoyed very much the burger and chicken at home!!! I’ll definitely be be back. And again for all….. great friendly service.

  4. Richard 11 months ago

    The food is excellent and staff is wonderful!! We will be repeat customers for sure! Best fried chicken I have had in a long time and the fries were awesome !!

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