Pizza Hut coming to new spot on Algonkian Parkway in Sterling

Some fun news for residents of the Cascades neighborhood and surrounding communities in Sterling. Pizza Hut is taking over a long vacant space just off Algonkian Parkway and should be opening for business sometime in the new year.

The space we’re talking about is next door to a 7-Eleven and a Virginia Tire & Auto shop. That’s just a block from the intersection of Algonkian and Cascades Parkway, next to the Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church.

Work on the space is underway, with new walls going up and new fixtures ready to be moved in. The space has a drive-thru window and is large enough for to offer some indoor seating, but it’s not clear yet whether those will be part of the new Pizza Hut or not.

Roughly 90 percent of Pizza Hut’s business is takeout or delivery and the brand has been actively transitioning away from full service sit down restaurants and increasing the number of “express” locations with a smaller footprint and lower rent cost.

The nearest current Pizza Hut — a carryout and delivery location — is a few blocks south at the Sugarland Run Square shopping center. We spoke with an employee there who said he believed that that location would be closing and moving to the new spot once it’s ready.

  1. Brandi Blake 2 years ago

    Maybe Next they can work on improving their lousy pizzas. Yes, we are so lucky to have Pizza Hut, ugh

  2. T 2 years ago

    I mistakenly ordered from the sugarland pizza hut one time a couple years ago when I usually order from sterling park. I got a large and it was the worst, thinnest pizza I’ve ever had. The dough was literally a millimeter thick, toppings were sparse, and the box was so light I thought I was going crazy. A large is enough to feed my family but this stupid pizza left everyone hungry because there was so little of it. Unless the sugarland pizza hut has changed its practices, I wouldn’t order from this one either.

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