Long-planned Beaverdam Park getting ready to roll in Ashburn

It’s been nearly five years since The Burn first reported on the planned Beaverdam Park in off Belmont Ridge Road in Ashburn. Now, construction crews are being hired and work should begin sometime in the new year.

Beaverdam Park is a project that will bring a low-tech recreation area to the shores of the Beaverdam Reservoir. Major amenities include a visitors center, picnic shelters, a variety of new trails, a boardwalk, a pier for launching non-motorized boats, a boat rental operation, and rowing facilities for area high school crew teams.

It will be going on the land more or less behind the ball fields at the intersection of Belmont Ridge Road and Northstar Boulevard.

The project is currently “out for bid” — meaning construction companies can review the details and bid on the project. The Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority (NOVA Parks), which is overseeing the project, says they hope to see construction start late spring to late summer 2022.

Once work is underway, it’s expected to take about a year to complete. So an opening to the general public should come sometime late spring to late summer 2023.

An updated schematic for the future Beaverdam Park.

Access to the reservoir will continue to be available via the Mount Hope Road entrance until the new park is ready. The park project is a partnership between NOVA Parks and Loudoun Water, since the reservoir is both a recreational destination and a drinking water resource.

  1. Tim 2 years ago

    No thanks. Leave it the way it is. Plenty of other places just like the proposed “improvements” in the area.

  2. Frog Toadman 2 years ago

    I agree. Why do politicians and tax payer funded entities feel the need to “improve” things. I can only presume its ego and/or boredom. How about improve the insane amount of taxes (or water bills) we pay by NOT spending on unnecessary park improvements.

  3. T 2 years ago

    Funny, a few short years ago they didn’t want anyone near the water. No kayaks, canoes or SUPs due to fears of the reservoir becoming contaminated.

  4. Eli 2 years ago

    Cool how people decide only their interests are worth pursuing. Some of us actually like living in a county with abundant parks and recreation options. FWIW, the reservoir was closed for safety and liability reasons in after it was sold to Loudoun Water, and re-opened to the public in 2020.

    • Tim 1 year ago

      The original story was contamination. But it was pointed out the high school rowing team was using the lake and has a gas motor boat and they changed their story to insurance reasons.

  5. feathers 1 year ago

    You mean the park they promised 5 years ago?

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