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Burning Question: Why is the old Pier 1 building in Leesburg empty again?

Burning Question: I was wondering what happened to the furniture store that was taking over Pier 1 in Leesburg. All the furniture in there is gone. Do you know what happened? — Patrick F.

We don’t know exactly what happened, but we have a good guess and also a good idea of what is going into that building next.

The no-name furniture store that popped up for a few weeks is indeed gone. This could be for any number of reasons, but it’s possible the store was always meant to be temporary.

Sometimes a landlord will offer a short-term lease to a tenant with the caveat that when a permanent tenant comes along, the temporary tenant is out. Think of those Spirit Halloween stores that show up just for a month or two each year.

The landlord of the shopping center — the Leesburg Plaza on East Market Street — has apparently divided the 9,000 s.f. former Pier 1 into two parts. They’ve announced that 3,500 s.f. of the space has been leased by Pacific Dental Services. PDS is a company that provides services to dental practices, so it’s not clear if the new location will be an actual dentist’s office, or a support office for PDS.

The other half of the building — roughly 5,500 s.f. — has apparently not been leased yet. We’ve reached out to the landlord of the center for more details and we’ll keep our eye out for any announcements about that space.

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