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Burning Question: Is there an update on Yummy Pig BBQ in Leesburg?

Burning Question: Do you have an update on Yummy Pig BBQ? In January of 2021, they said they wouldn’t be reopening for at least six months. — Melissa M.

That’s a darn fine question, Melissa. We have a little information, but we haven’t been able to get a clear answer to your question.

As most of our readers know, in April 2020, Yummy Pig New American BBQ moved from its original location on Catoctin Circle SE to a new spot at 2 West Market Street in Leesburg’s historic downtown. Less than a year later, in January 2021, a devastating fire ripped through the Yummy Pig building.

The fire reportedly originated in the kitchen, but there was heavy smoke damage throughout the building. There was also damage from the extensive firefighting efforts, including repairs needed on the roof and water damage mitigation.

The Yummy Pig BBQ fire in January 2021. (Image: Town of Leesburg)

Yummy Pig BBQ was forced to close as was its sister establishment upstairs — the Wild Geese Pub & Restaurant. At the time, the restaurant’s management said they expected to be closed for at least six months.

Now, as we approach the 1-year anniversary of the fire on January 23, many people are wondering what the status of Yummy Pig is — and if it is ever going to return. The Burn has received multiple inquiries about it.

The good news is that we can tell you restoration work is underway on the Yummy Pig building and has been for several months now. A peek inside the open street-level door shows the interior has been gutted and is being rebuilt. We saw crews on the roof doing work just last week.

We’ve reached out to the owners and managers at Yummy Pig several times in recent months, but have not received any updates on their plans.

The main Yummy Pig BBQ website is still active and indicates they will be re-opening at some point. “We look forward to serving you and all of our guests again in the future,” it reads in part. And the Yummy Pig Facebook page continues to do posts about its online trivia nights, shoutouts to fellow businesses and other miscellany.

However, the restaurant’s Google listing says “Permanently Closed” which is ominous, because there is also a “Temporarily Closed” option which was not used.

So that’s the lay of the land, Melissa. Work is underway on the fire-damaged building. Will they be bringing back Yummy Pig BBQ? If so, when? Will they be bringing back the Wild Geese bar? If so, when? Or will they use the spaces for some other restaurant concepts? Or something else entirely?

All unknown until the owners are ready to update the public on their plans. As we like to say… stay tuned.