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himalayan wild yak
himalayan wild yak
himalayan wild yak
himalayan wild yak
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A new restaurant in Ashburn specializing in Nepalese food has announced it will open its doors to the public starting next week. It’s called Himalayan Wild Yak and opening day is Tuesday, December 28.

As The Burn has previously reported, the restaurant has taken over a prominent spot in the Brambleton Town Center. It’s moved into the first floor of the space that used to be the Lost Rhino Retreat, next door to the Regal Fox movie theater.

Besides word on the official opening, we also have a look at the updated menu. The team at the Yak has been tweaking and refining the dishes they will offer.

Items include Crispy Kale, Grilled Yak, Butter Chicken, Tandoori Salmon and a Goat Curry. And the Warm Chocolate Cake dessert on the menu is is similar to the one served on Carnival Cruise Line ships, where the restaurant’s owner once worked. You can see some of the pages from the new menu below.

On Tuesday, the Yak will be open from 4:30 to 9 p.m. At some point, according to the restaurant’s website, it will expand to lunch and dinner hours, seven days a week. And in case you wondered — the large, stuff yak at the entrance is named Rocky.


  1. Bud 3 years ago

    Gotta wonder about some of these new places opening. Such a narrow potential audience in such a competitive restaurant marketplace. Loudoun sees them come and go quickly.

  2. Mateo G 3 years ago

    The Brambleton Town Center needs to step up and make the experience more enjoyable to draw people in to visit. The town center is surrounded by houses and families. There is no excuse why is isn’t booming. The management needs to visit and get ideas form Leesburg Village and One Loudoun. Small playground area like Leesburg Village, splash pad like One Loudoun is a couple ideas.
    Management needs to open their minds up and make the shopping center fun

  3. Jim Donegan 3 years ago

    All the negativity, I think the yak restaurant will do well in Brambleton I look forward to my first experience trying out this new place.

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