Leesburg Station Auto Wash sold to Flagship Carwash

Leesburg Station Auto Wash, a popular car wash on Catoctin Circle SE in Leesburg, has been sold to new owners. The business will become part of the rapidly growing Flagship Carwash brand. It’s the latest headline in series of big changes in the Loudoun County car wash industry.

Leesburg Station Auto Wash was opened in 2004 by the Magazzine family. Since then, it has found a loyal following. It was voted Best in Loudoun 17 years in a row and also named one of the Top 50 car washes in the nation by industry experts.

“The Magazzine family today announced the sale of their Leesburg Station Auto Wash to Flagship Carwash,” a press release read in part. “We believe that Flagship provides not only the best value to our customers, but also growth opportunities for our employees … we are proud of (our) accomplishments and are confident that Flagship will deliver our former customers a comparable value.”

The Flagship Carwash brand is also locally owned and has been in business since 1986. Last year, Flagship began purchasing multiple car washes around Loudoun County and elsewhere. They bought the Ashburn Car Wash and Dr. Car Wash locations in Ashburn, as well as the Dulles 28 Auto Wash in Sterling. Currently, all three are being retrofitted as new express Flagship locations.

The company also recently took over the Purcellville Auto Wash and switched it to the Flagship nameplate as well.

Meanwhile, Flagship is building a huge indoor car wash across the street from One Loudoun on Loudoun County Parkway. The new facility will reportedly be the largest car wash in the United States. It’s expected to open soon.

Images: Leesburg Station Auto Wash

We’re told that when the Leesburg Station Auto Wash transitions to the Flagship brand, it will continue to be a full-service car wash. This means employees will continue to clean and/or detail the car after the exterior tunnel wash for those customers choosing that option.

All Leesburg Station Auto Wash Prepaid and Gift Cards will be honored for one year following the sale, with some restrictions.

The Burn can also break a little more news — Flagship is also planning a second Leesburg location. They have committed to a parcel of land in the Oaklawn development. That’s at the intersection of Battlefield Parkway SE and Miller Drive SE.

That location will be an express location with a tunnel to clean the exterior of the vehicle and then an array of vacuums for customers to use on the interiors.

  1. Kris 2 years ago

    Here we go. These schmucks are going to ensure that unless you have a car wash at your own place the only car wash you go to are gas station lots. These inept entrepreneurs can only close shops. They have no idea how to open one.

  2. Brian M. 2 years ago

    Dissapointing. I’m afraid what Flagship will do to a wonderful car wash. It’s fine if they buy up the other car washes in Loudoun but the Leesbug Autowash didn’t need any improvement. ugh.

  3. Kyle v Dumouchelle 2 years ago

    Competition is dead. There must be some venture capital money involved trying to just monopolize the market.

  4. Brian 2 years ago

    Went to the one in Purcellville, don’t recommend it, way to expensive for a drive through only, they don’t dry and leave the residue that the fans dont get to air dry and crust, making having to wash it again

  5. Joe 2 years ago

    They bought the Ashburn Car Wash and are turning what was a full service platform into an “express”. I have been to other Flagship carwashes and they are what you would expect from an “express” service. Quick and dirty. I am not very hopeful for Leesburg Autowash. This is such a disappointment, another area with less competition, less choice and what is sure to be a worse experience.

  6. Rob 2 years ago

    Just went to the new Flagship full service at One Loudoun (largest indoor carwash in the country). Hands down the best car wash I have ever experienced both inside and out. I think Leesburg will be in good hands with the ownership change and not likely to experience any downgrade from the previous ownership. I understand what everyone is saying about Express washes but the Flagship full service is amazing! So many people seem to assume the worst… wait for the transition and give it a fair shot. I think you will be impressed if it is anything like the One Loudoun location.

  7. Bob Forest 2 years ago

    Tried the “Flagship Car Wash” in Leesburg, nowhere near as good as the Station Auto Wash. Car still dirty, mats wet, just smeared the dirt around the inside of the car-didn’t remove it.

  8. John LaRocque 2 years ago

    They did a good job on my truck, inside and out but left a lot of tree sap on my wife’s Buick. Flagship would have done better. I do miss the old car wash. They were so good and treated their employees much better — a buisness to believe in. The holdovers are quite dispirited. The new ones are like bored teenagers.

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