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Burning Question: Why is Northstar spelled differently on street signs?

Burning Quesiton: Have you ever noticed the intersection of Creighton Rd and Northstar Boulevard (in Ashburn) has two different spellings for Northstar on two different street signs? I always thought it was Northstar Boulevard, but have we all been getting it wrong this whole time?

The answer to your questions, C.G. , are no and no. We have never spotted that before —kudos on being so observant — and also no, you have not been getting it wrong the whole time.

We reached out to Susan Glass with Loudoun County’s Department of Transportation. She assures us that Northstar — one word — is the correct spelling of Northstar Boulevard.

Glass said it’s possible the incorrect street sign was installed by one of the community developers in the area. She was going to follow up and see that it get corrected.

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  1. Bill Edwards 2 years ago

    Usually developers. We are in Courts and Ridges near Claiborne and Gloucester. The street that Walgreens is on is Susan Leslie Drive, but many years ago there were also signs indicating Susan Lesley Drive. One was a county sign and the others were developers. So, yeah, that happens. But that sign has been there close to a decade, so this one is a surprise. That I didn’t catch it surprises me. Good eye!

  2. Kristine 2 years ago

    You might want to ask them to look at the sign for Creighton Rd too…. The large sign says Creighton Rd, but the smaller sign says Creighton Dr. (same intersection)

  3. C.M. Burns 2 years ago

    Don’t get me started on the same house number being used 5 times within a half square mile.

    • Dave Lambers 2 years ago

      Well, yeah. On 5 different streets. I’m not sure why you expect otherwise.

  4. James T. Fleming 2 years ago

    It’s also Evergreen Mill Rd. when you get on it in Leesburg, but somewhere along the way it changes to Evergreen Mills Rd.

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