Mochinut opens its doors at the Village at Leesburg

Mochinut, a part donut shop/part hot dog shop, has opened for business at the Village at Leesburg center off Route 7. It’s the first Loudoun County location for the fast-growing international chain.

Technically, it’s a soft opening phase for Mochinut, but when The Burn stopped by Monday, the new take-away eatery was already busy with customers streaming in and out.

Mochinut mixes Japanese rice cakes (mochi) with American-style donuts. The unusual pastry was reportedly invented in Hawaii, a state known for its mix of American and Japanese influences.

The mochinuts, which sort of resemble a teething ring used by infants, are then topped with a variety of both familiar and unfamiliar glazes and toppings.

They have chocolate, strawberry and cookies & creme, but they also have taro, matcha, pistachio and black sesame.

The new Mochinut store at the Village at Leesburg.

Mochinut also offers a line-up of Korean-style hot dogs. These hots dogs are served on a stick, like a corn dog, and come enveloped in coatings that includes potato, crispy ramen and hot Cheetos. You can see the full Mochinut menu here.

The Burn first told you about Mochinut coming to Leesburg last September. The brand — which has locations in South Korea and Thailand — has 50+ locations open in the U.S. and more in the works across some two dozen states.

There are four locations in Virginia so far, including Leesburg, Annandale, Centreville and Richmond. A fifth store is in the works for Reston.

(Image at top: Mochinut)

  1. Kt ashburn 11 months ago

    This must be one of the most unhealthy food to eat. The nutritional label is done in a way that is deceptive at first glance.
    Serving size is 20g with 100 servings per container. The whole thing is 7000 calories looks like with 300g added sugar

  2. That’s for the dry mix if you read it. They should specify how much is used per donut but I’d imagine it’s around 200g.

  3. T 11 months ago

    I’m not gonna pretend to know what the serving size represents, but I’m guessing it’s for the mix to make 1 mochinut. Net weight is 4.5 lbs and these things definitely do not weigh that much. They are light and fluffy.

    I went yesterday and picked up a half dozen and I will say that they are exquisitely delicious.

  4. Way 11 months ago

    They don’t open until noon. Won’t be in business very long.

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