Climbing gym, home improvement store coming to Loudoun

Two new businesses are coming to Ashburn’s north side, but the details surrounding them remain a mystery. All we know is one is a climbing gym and one is some sort of home improvement store.

The property is technically known as the Lexington 7 building. Its address is 20051 Riverside Commons Plaza and it’s going up next to the Riverside Commons shopping center.

That’s the home to the Texas Roadhouse restaurant, the Oak Health Club, a Sheetz gas station and other businesses on the north side of Route 7, near the Ashburn Village Boulevard intersection.

The Burn has known for several months that a home improvement store was in the works. According to real estate documents, it’s apparently called something like “DC Igloo Home Improvement.” It is slated to take 9,600 s.f. in the Lexington 7 building.

More recently, we learned that something called “Up Climbing Gym” is supposed to take another 14,400 s.f. That’s a big space, so it seems clear this will be some sort of mammoth indoor climbing facility.

But our efforts to get more specific details on either of these businesses have proved fruitless so far. Stay tuned for more details.

The Lexington 7 building, where these two new businesses are going, is the future home of the eagerly anticipated baseball training and entertainment center called The Ballpark — a story first broke by The Burn back in April 2021 — as well as a brewery and tap room called Route 7 Beer Co., that we reported in December.


  1. John 2 years ago

    Company name is “ Igloo Design Center” is going to be a 9600sqft Home Improvement showroom. Will have a cafe & interior designers to assist in selecting items for your home.

  2. Sid 2 years ago

    When are they opening? Thanks

  3. Eli 2 years ago

    My house is across it and I hate the building view, when I bought the house, the company mentioned there will be a shopping center but not a concrete building to block the view, so disappointed for all the liers from the builders, and the city that allowed this building to rise up. NonE of the neighbors are happy.

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