Burgers, Fries & Chicken opens in Purcellville

A new fast food restaurant has opened its doors in Purcellville, bringing a new spot for burgers, fries and chicken. And that’s the name —  Burgers, Fries & Chicken, or BFC for short.

As The Burn reported last October, BFC has taken over the former Taco Bell/Kentucky Fried Chicken building at the corner of Hirst Road and Hatcher Avenue.

The menu at BFC focuses on the items in the name, of course. The burgers come in single and double patty options. There’s bone-in chicken as well as chicken tenders, chicken nuggets and chicken sandwiches.

(As the area’s leading source for fried chicken news, The Burn sampled the bone-in chicken. Verdict: thumbs up.)

Side items at BFC include not just fries, but cheese fries, chili cheese fries, baked potatoes and mac & cheese. There are also salads and desserts.

Despite taking over the building from a national fast food brand, BFC is more of a mom-and-pop style operation, still ramping up as they get their procedures all running smoothly.

One nice touch: a manager stopping by all the tables, asking the diners how they were enjoying their food.