Catty Corner Cafe holds grand opening in Leesburg

The new Catty Corner Cafe in Leesburg held a ribbon cutting and grand opening Friday afternoon. The coffee shop also features cats galore that guests can play with — and hopefully adopt.

The cafe is located at 116 East Market Street. That’s the building that was previously home to the Cowbell Kitchen, before Cowbell moved to North King Street a few blocks away.

Catty Corner has traditional coffee shop on the first floor, while the upstairs is focused on enjoying the company of the felines at the premises.

There are comfortable chairs for human visitors and climbing features and perches for the cats.

Images courtesy of the Town of Leesburg

The cats are all coming from the Humane Society of Loudoun County. They will live full time at Catty Corner until they are adopted.

  1. piere 8 months ago

    Disappointing. Wanted $22/hour to hang out in a room of cats. All the food/drinks were really lackluster. Owner was rude.

    • Lee 8 months ago

      Piere, what did you think you were getting? No one forced you to pay for it. I have never been there, but reading the sign it says “Cat lounge, Rescue and Adoption”. Being a Cat lover myself, I would have to say that this is a brilliant idea. If you have your own cats and don’t want to pay to spend time with them, then don’t, but don’t knock those potential cat owners who now have a place to go and see the cats in action. It’s a good thing they are charging so that they can weed out the riff raff who may not be taking cat ownership seriously. I have a family member who went and they said they enjoyed the experience. Wish I would have thought of the idea.

      • Pierre 8 months ago

        “Riff raff”? Let’s not resort to name calling, Lee. There are plenty of other avenues to adopt cats if you’re serious about it. To me, this felt more like profiting off the cats situation rather than being of any actual aid. Additionally, there are a ton of cat cafes in the world with better approaches, but I’m sure you wish you’d thought of that idea first. And also the idea of Microsoft. And Cats! (The Musical).
        The Riff Raff

  2. Laura 8 months ago

    This was opening weekend so let’s cut everyone some slack. We’re cat people and want to see this succeed for the sake of a small business owner and for successful adoptions down the road.
    The food/drinks options weren’t stellar but give it time.
    Maybe a note to the owner about your experience would be helpful. There is always room for improvement.

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