Sneak peek at Loudoun’s upcoming Roadhouse Momo & Grill

A bunch of new information has been released about the upcoming Roadhouse Momo & Grill, including a look at what the interior of the restaurant will look like. It’s a startling transformation.

As The Burn has been reporting, Roadhouse Momo & Grill is coming to the Ashburn Village Shopping Center off Gloucester Parkway. The restaurant will be specializing in Nepalese cuisine.

The owners have shared with The Burn a look at artist renderings of what the interior will look like when the buildout is complete.

It looks to be a remarkable transformation from the industrial style of the previous tenant of that space — the Urban BBQ Company.

An artist’s rendering of the future Roadhouse Momo & Grill in Ashburn. Although we assume the palm trees outside the window are a bit of artistic license.

We’ve also got a look at an updated menu and we have a target opening date for Roadhouse Momo & Grill.

The menu has a wide variety of dishes, but the centerpiece are the popular Nepalese steamed dumplings known as momo.

Along with the familiar chicken and pork offerings, there will also be several more unique meats available, including buff — a type of beef that comes from water buffalo — and also mutton. You can see the latest version of the menu below.

Right now — if everything stays on track — the Roadhouse team is targeting a June 1 opening — just a month and a half away.


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