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Historic barn in Brambleton has a bright future

Driving south on Belmont Ridge Road through Brambleton, you are surrounded by lovely homes in every direction. The fast-growing Ashburn neighborhood has quickly gone from farmland to thriving suburban community, and Belmont Ridge is a wide, divided boulevard.

But as you cross Evergreen Mills Road, the road begins to narrow — almost as if to signify you’re traveling back in time. And there, on your left, stands an old dairy barn and silo — sentinels of a time before Brambleton was Brambleton.

“I drive down that way constantly,” said Brambleton resident Jenna Warren. “The barn is very picturesque, but I don’t know why it’s still there. I’m very curious.” 

Turns out, the barn is one of the last vestiges of the area’s rich agricultural past – and the good news is the barn is being preserved for the future too.

The researchers and librarians at the Thomas Balch Library in Leesburg did some digging and said the property on which the Brambleton barn stands today was once…

To read the rest of the interesting history of the Brambleton barn and find out about some important renovations coming in the future — click here and head over to the Ashburn Magazine website.

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