Loudoun County firefighter to compete in Miss USA pageant

“Loudoun County firefighter to compete in Miss USA pageant” — there’s a headline you don’t write every day. But a big congratulations to Ashburn’s Kailee Horvath, who won the Miss Virginia pageant over the weekend.

And yes, she’s also a volunteer firefighter.

The Ashburn Volunteer Fire Rescue Department celebrated Horvath’s victory with a post Sunday: “Congratulations go out to Kailee Horvath, FF/EMT on being crowned Miss Virginia USA 2022. Kailee has been a volunteer with AVFRD since her senior year in high school in 2017,” the announcement read. “We are so very proud of you!!”

According to various news reports, Horvath is a graduate of Broad Run High School, studied nursing at Marymount College, and has been a certified medical assistant at Broadlands Family Practice.

She is also an instructor at Popcycle, an Ashburn fitness studio, and — as mentioned — is a firefighter and emergency medical technician with the AVFRD.

Images courtesy of the Ashburn Volunteer Fire Rescue Department

She has competed in a variety of pageants over the years, but Miss Virginia is her biggest title so far.

She will compete in the Miss USA pageant later this year, although it doesn’t appear a date or location for the event have been announced yet.