Flagship Carwash acquires new Loudoun location

Flagship Carwash continues to expand across Northern Virginia with today’s announcement that it has acquired five more existing car washes, including one in Loudoun County.

The brand announced today that they are taking over five Embassy Autowash locations, including three in Fairfax County, one in Prince William and one locally in Sterling.

The Sterling Embassy Autowash is located on Pidgeon Hill Drive. That’s near the McDonald’s by the intersection of Route 7 and Countryside Boulevard.

The Sterling location will continue to operate as an Embassy Autowash for the time being, until all the needed equipment has arrived and then it will transition to the Flagship brand.

Keeping the car washes up and running is a lesson that Flagship likely learned from their experience in Ashburn.

Last year, Flagship purchased two car washes in Ashburn and one in Sterling and immediately closed them down to turn them into Flagship locations. However equipment orders got delayed and the locations sat idle for months. The Sterling Flagship has since opened, and equipment installation is now underway at the two Ashburn Flagship locations.

Flagship — which operates the largest indoor car wash in the United States near One Loudoun in Ashburn — has two car wash models. Both include a traditional tunnel to clean the exterior of your vehicle, but the full-service model includes workers who clean the interior of your car by hand, while the express which has free vacuum stations for customers to clean the interiors on their own.

According to its website, Flagship now has eight car washes open or in the works in Loudoun County and Sterling will be the ninth. A tenth location is planned for Leesburg near Battlefield Parkway SE and Miller Drive SE.

(Image at top courtesy Flagship Carwash)

  1. Mike 2 years ago

    Any idea on the purchase prices?

  2. GREGG M STEWART 2 years ago

    They have to buy out their competitors because their service is horrific

  3. Shane 2 years ago

    I’ve used their carwash by route 7, not great. It’s good they have free shams afterwards, to finish washing your car yourself.

  4. Joseph 2 years ago

    Maybe they should concentrate on re-opening the existing businesses they acquired and shuttered last summer, putting people out of work and inconveniencing local Ashburn residents, before expanding further. Just a thought…

  5. Steve 2 years ago

    Flagship is creating a monopoly in Loudoun. Wonder where our government is on this.

  6. Tom Bowers 2 years ago

    You should fulfill your journalistic obligation and report on the price and service differences between Embassy and Flagship. It will be a great loss when Embassy, a lower cost alternative, is closed by Flagship, which is certain to happen.

  7. Rose Marie 2 years ago

    This free-enterprise takeover is not good. Embassy was premier in car washes and as a retiree, the coupons for discounts were the best way for a fixed budget to get a clean car. Flagship will need to really do some fancy work to win my business.

  8. Dale Bennett 2 years ago

    Sad to see Embassy go from Countryside…they have offered deals with a half off coupon that are impossible to beat. They’re a full service wash too, and they vacuum and dry, as well as wipe down the dash and such.

    The Countryside CarWash was originally a DeLuca owned business (Bob DeLuca developed the Countryside Shopping Center) and built by them as well. The Carwash, Daycare Center, and Mickey D’s were not original to the development…they were added later, in place of the parking lots that were originally there.

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