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Burning Question: What’s the latest on Pupatella coming to Leesburg?

Burning Question: Hi! Was wondering if you’ve heard anything recently about the Pupatella that was suppose to be in an old Pizza Hut in Leesburg? Doesn’t look like they’re working on the building so was curious what was happening. Thanks! — Megan D.

Trust us, Megan, we’re right there with you. There is no one more eager for Pupatella to open in Loudoun County than us. The Burn loves its Neapolitan pizza.

You’ll recall that it was last October when we broke the news that the Arlington-based pizza brand was planning to take over the vacant Pizza Hut building at 350 East Market Street and turn it into its latest Pupatella location.

There was good precedent too — the Pupatella in Reston is also in a former Pizza Hut building.

A banner went up in December, and at that time, the folks at Pupatella headquarters said they hoped to be open by this summer. Alas, that timeline didn’t work out.

Image: Pupatella

We reached out to Michael Berger, the COO of Pupatella, and he says they are in the final stages of permitting for the new Leesburg store. He expects construction to start in July.

So there you have it — if there are no more delays — work on the new location should begin in the next few weeks, and we could all be enjoying their wood-fired pizzas by later this year — if we’re lucky.

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  1. Dave 2 years ago

    We just want ONE good pizza place in Leesburg, let’s hope this is it

  2. Edward Meade 2 years ago

    You guys do realize that Loudoun County has had a Neapolitan pizza shop for decades. 900 Degree Pizza (its current name) has been in Purcellville for over 25 years. If you’re really interested in a real Neapolitan pizza (made by a real Neapolitan} just take a drive out P’ville. They’re on Main Street.

  3. Sal 2 years ago

    Never heard of 900 degree pizza, but based on the reviews, I won’t be making that short trip out to P’ville…

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