BKD Bagels shows brotherhood to fellow baker

Sometimes a story comes along that warms the cockles of our cold, dead heart. Such was the case this weekend when two competing bagel brands shared a moment of brotherhood during these tough economic times.

You may or may not have encountered WeirdDoughs Bagels yet. The small, start-up bagel company is based in Warrenton, but has been appearing at farmer’s markets and other special events around the area, including in Loudoun County.

Examples include things like the Brambleton Farmer’s Market or a Cars & Coffee meet-up. But Sunday, something special happened. WeirdDoughs founder and owner Danielle Bizier-Grimes wrote about it on social media.

“I had the most supportive experience in business ever today. Trying to get a small business off the ground is a constant grind. It’s sweat equity and heartbreak and long hours for those small moments of victory,” she wrote. “And today’s small moment for me was actually a huge one because it was another bagel shop owner — the amazing Tony from BKD Bagels, who dropped by to say hello and show his support. In this tight economic time for all of us, having the person who might otherwise be your competitor (his bagels are amazing by the way) show up to give you a hug and tell you ‘You got this’ — well, that just speaks volumes about the man and his ethos.”

Yep, Tony Davis, a co-owner of BKD Bagels, showed up at a competitor’s pop-up at the Butterfly Hills Farm Store in Waterford to offer some words of encouragement. And that’s because Davis has been there.

Less than a year ago, BKD Bagels was primarily known as pop-up style business with no permanent retail location. Then in October last year, BKD opened a brick-and-mortar restaurant in downtown Leesburg and absolutely killed it — lines out the door. Six months later, they opened their second location in Purcellville.

“He saw me not as the enemy or a competitor, but as a kindred spirit wanting to share our love with the community through food. It means more than I can explain,” Bizier-Grimes told The Burn.

We cover a lot of restaurants and retail around the area here at The Burn, and while this may not always be the norm, we can attest that there is often more cooperation, mutual support and friendly commiseration among competitors like this than you might imagine. It’s not all cutthroat all the time.

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  1. Matt 2 years ago

    Can we get another bagel shop or brunch option in Brambleton? Only bagel places are Ashburn Bagel and this place. Both are 15-20 minutes away.

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