Sheetz eyeing new spot in southern Loudoun County

New news about the Whitman Farm property in southern Loudoun County — it looks like the Sheetz service station/convenience store brand hopes to take the spot designated for a gas station in the development. An Exxon station was proposed for the spot previously.

The first — and only — building constructed at the Whitman Farm property so far.

Whitman Farm is the large parcel of land at the intersection of Braddock Road and Gum Spring Road, next to the Saint Paul VI Catholic High School campus.

According to documents filed with the county, a meeting was being held this past week to discuss the plans.

Many area residents have wondered what the status of the long-discussed project is. Work has gone on in fits and starts for some time now — and while one building has been constructed — it’s not occupied by tenants yet.

Here’s what we’ve been told as far as the status of the other proposed businesses going into the Whitman Farm property:

  • Lidl supermarket — we’re told that Lidl wants to finish the store they are building at Chantilly Crossing near State Road 28 before beginning the Whitman Farm location.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts — still in the works and moving forward, just waiting on approvals from the county. Dunkin’ reportedly hopes to open ASAP.
  • Virginia Auto & Tire — no update on the proposed VA Auto & Tire location at the property.
  • Sheetz — the Sheetz brand is considering purchasing a parcel to build a gas station, but we don’t believe a deal is finalized.
The Whitman Farm property was recently occupied by a gaggle of geese.

No other updates as far as tenants coming to the property, or to the small retail strip building already built. But at least we know things are still happening — just very slowly.

(Image at top: Sheetz)


  1. Lupita T 1 year ago

    I prefer Exxon but would be happy with a Sheetz. I hope a decent restaurant goes into one of the slots in the building that is currently being completed. Such an ideal spot for high school kids to hangout at after school with PVI, Freedom, Champe, and Lightridge nearby.

    • Paul 1 year ago

      I want gas stations that sell the actual gas I pay for … so less Sheetz, please.

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