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Burning Question: What tenants are going into Bram Quarter in Ashburn?

Burning Question: Any idea what is going to be in the retail building that has been built at the corner of Loudoun County Parkway and Evergreen Mills Road on the grounds of the Birchwood at Brambleton? — Gwynne B.

This may be the top question in Loudoun County right now, or at least in the Ashburn area. We get emails about it several times a week.

The Burn was the first media outlet to report the development of Bram Quarter almost two years ago, a large retail and commercial building with striking architecture that has indeed gone up on the northwest corner of Loudoun County Parkway and Evergreen Mills Road.

But now that it’s nearly completed, people are rightfully wondering what tenants are coming. Hopes of restaurants and shops are high — but so far — there’s no firm details on anything like that.

The only tenants we know of currently, per documents from the developer, are three real estate offices on the first floor, and a dentist’s office on the second floor.

But fear not. There are still roughly nine additional retail spaces yet to be leased and announced. (This number could go up or down depending on how all the spaces are ultimately divided.) So plenty of room for restaurants and shops, if leases can be secured.

We’ve reached out to the developer for more information about potential tenants but, so far, we haven’t heard back.

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(Image at top: Morgan Keller Construction)