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Meet the brothers behind an Ashburn restaurant and gas station empire

It’s a name nearly every Ashburn resident will recognize immediately — Rubino. As in Rubino’s Pizzeria, the popular restaurant with two locations in Ashburn — in Ashburn Village and in the Broadlands.

But the pizza joints are just scratching the surface of the small but growing business empire that the Rubino brothers — yes, there are three of them — have built in Northern Virginia.

Three restaurants at the moment and six gas stations — the three latest gas stations featuring the new Filling Co. Gas & Grub convenience store concept. That’s nine separate locations around the region — with hints of more to come.

For the Rubinos, family is a key to everything they have accomplished. Be it the legacy of their Italian grandmother to the jobs they worked together in high school, it all proved to be a bit of foreshadowing of what was to come.

A Filling Co. Gas & Grub location in Ashburn

Steve Rubino is the oldest at 59 and the spokesman for the group. His brother, Rick, is 57 and David is 54. They live in Willowsford, Belmont Country Club and Aldie, respectively. They grew up in Burke and all attended West Springfield High School and George Mason University.

Steve and Rick both worked at a local seafood restaurant as teenagers. Meanwhile, David managed a gas station in Springfield. A restaurant. A gas station. Their career path was already laid out before them.

To find out where the brothers opened their first restaurant, how they developed the Rubino’s Pizzeria and Filling Co. brands, and what the future holds for the them, click here and head over to read the rest of the story at the Ashburn Magazine website.

  1. Amy 11 months ago

    I went to the FILLING Co this morning after Church, despite it only being 9:30am I was able to get a cheesesteak. It was excellent! So excited to find this so close, and they have PORK ROLL!!!!!

  2. Kevin You g 11 months ago

    Solid business. Loyal Rubinos customer here for many years. When Filling Co ran out of propane for my tank swap, Rick took my tank across the street to BP to get me home with a new tank. Solid customer service with that flair of hometown touch.

  3. Andy 11 months ago

    One of the brothers is always at either filling co location because I always see him. You wouldn’t know he was an owner because he never speaks or thanks your for coming in unless there is an issue with your order, THEN he approaches you as if he’s annoyed that he has to be bothered. Needless to say, my family hasn’t been back in over 2 months.

    • Riga 11 months ago

      Yes the same thing happened to me. He looked very annoyed when I tried to ask questions. My intention was to just say “hey this place is amazing” .but I tried to understand as a fellow entrepreneur. Smiled and thanked him for opening this amazing convenience store and left.

  4. Jack M 11 months ago

    The Brooklyn Style square pie at Rubinos is LEGIT as is the Italian sub at Filling Co. These guys know what they are doing.

  5. Kimberly Fernandez 11 months ago

    Omg best cheesesteak outside of the South Philly/South Jersey area. The white American chz is everything. I tell everyone it’s the most legit sandwich in the area

    • Marsha Carpenter 11 months ago

      My husband and I go to Rubino’s for their great pizza
      from Potomac Falls at least twice a month.
      No other pizza places compares to them.

  6. Ted D 11 months ago

    I have been to both Rubino’s and Filling Co. Gas and Grub. You guys have done a great job. Gas and Grub is our go to for quick food that never disappoints. I always see one of the brothers in the station. They are attentive, but usually quite busy. Unfortunate for them that they have to deal with people coming in and stealing drinks and food items. My wife was going in as one of the thieves was running out. Shameful that they have to deal with that. Keep up the good work gentlemen!

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